history of the 320th mms

In its mission to support the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing, the 320th Munitions Maintenance Squadron existed from 1964 to 1972 - a surprisingly short 8 years. From its creation in 1964 through 1970, the 320th was located at RAF Wethersfield. For the remaining time, the squadron was at RAF Upper Heyford. The 20th TFW was part of the 3rd Air Force, which was part of USAFE.

31 May 1952 The 20th Fighter Bomber Wing moves overseas to RAF Wethersfield in Essex, England. Operational aircraft were F-84 Thunderjets at that time.
16 Jun 1957 The 20th begins conversion to North American F-1OOD and F-1OOF Super Sabres.
Feb 1958 The 20th Fighter Bomber Wing established an operational detachment at Wheelus AB, Libya.
May 1958 The wing is re-designated as the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing
8 Jul 1964 The 320th Munitions Maintenance Squadron was formed within the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing.
Sep 1969 A military coup in Libya forces the closure of Wheelus AB.
1 Jun 1970 20th Tactical Fighter Wing headquarters relocates from RAF Wethersfield to RAF Upper Heyford as part of the replacement of F-100s with F-111s.
Feb 1971 The last of the 20th's F-100s transferred to the Air National Guard.
Nov 1971 The wing's F-111s are declared operationally ready.
1 Sep 1972 The 320th Munitions Maintenance Squadron was re-designated as the 20th Munitions Maintenance Squadron.
31 Oct 1981 The 20th Munitions Maintenance Squadron is deactivated.
1 Oct 1991 The 20th Tactical Fighter Wing is officially re-designated as the 20th Fighter Wing.
1 Jan 1994 The 20th Fighter Wing was transferred to Shaw AFB, South Carolina without equipment or personnel. It replaced the 363rd Fighter Wing, which was inactivated.
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